Many Alternative Document financing options have changed and new programs are available. Please email your scenario to us at and we will get back to you with the available options. Thank you!

California Alternative Document Loans For the Self-Employed & Investor

Pacific Home Loans’s California Alternative Document loans are ideal for the self-employed applicant and investor purchasing or refinancing California property.

California Alternative Document loans

The following two loan options take into consideration all the cash flow and assets a self-employed and high net worth borrower has at their disposal:

Self-employed borrower
No tax returns needed – Qualify with 12 months’ bank statements
Bank Statement Loan 

High net worth borrower
No employment or income needed. It is possible to qualify based on assets alone – The Asset Depletion Loan can be used concurrently with the Bank Statement Loan.
Asset Depletion Loan

As an alternative to Hard Money Loans, without the high-cost and inflated rates of Private Money, Pacific Home Loans offers the following loan programs for Investors Only.

Investor – No income verification loan
The applicant will complete the traditional underwriting process with no income verification.
No Income Verification Loan

Investor – Property cash flow loan
This program is designed for experienced real estate investors and qualifies borrowers based on cash-flow solely from the subject property.
Property Cash Flow Loan

Investor – Private Money
Equity-based purchase, refinance and construction loans.
Private Money Loan

These products may have a higher interest rate, more points or more fees than other products that require documentation.