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Access Your Home Equity with a California Reverse Mortgage

If you’re age 62 and over, own your home (or at least have substantial equity), and you want or need more income, access to a lump sum, or both, a reverse mortgage may be appropriate for you.

California Reverse Mortgage

Extra Cash to Live On

The federally-insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) is the most popular reverse mortgage on the market today. It was created to make it easier for seniors age 62 and older to unlock the value of their home equity and convert it to income. This income can be used to supplement Social Security, pension incomes, IRA and retirement account incomes, to pay Medicare and Medicare Supplement premiums, or for any other purpose you choose.

• Stay in your home!
• Eliminate your mortgage payment!
• Extra income to live on – tax-free.
• Any credit score!
• No minimum income or debt-to-income ratio!
• Guaranteed income, with no penalties or restrictions!
• Choose to receive a monthly income benefit, a lump sum, or any combination!
• Never an application fee!
• Quick and easy application and approval process

The amount you receive depends on your age and the amount of equity you have in your home.

Apply Now to Increase Your Retirement Income!

California Reverse Mortgage (HECM) Overview:

The California Reverse Mortgage allows you to stay in your home as long as you wish – with no monthly mortgage payment. It can also provide you with an ongoing income stream.

Your responsibilities:
o Remain in the home
o Maintain the home
o Pay homeowners insurance and taxes and keep them up to date.

You won’t have to pay anything back as long as you remain current on taxes, keep insurance in place, keep the home in good repair, and at least one of the original borrowers still lives in the home.

When the last of the original borrowers passes away, family members have the option of repaying the balance on the reverse mortgage, or letting the lender foreclose on the property. It’s their choice.

Breathe Easier with a California Reverse Mortgage!

Important facts about the California Reverse Mortgage (HECM):

• Federally Insured
• You own your home – not the bank!
• You never make another mortgage payment while you live in the home.
• You can refinance or sell whenever you want with no penalty.
• The money you receive from this loan is tax-free.
• You can use your loan proceeds any way you wish. There are no restrictions.
• Reverse Mortgages are available to purchase a home too!
• Good Credit is not necessary to qualify.
• The Loan Proceeds may be received as any combination of:

o A lump sum;
o Monthly payments to you;
o In a Line of Credit to use when needed. And, the unused portion grows in value!

Our experienced Southern California mortgage experts will walk you through the process step-by step.

During our free, no-obligation consultation, you will find out:

• Do I qualify for a reverse mortgage?
• How much money can I get?
• Is a reverse mortgage right for me?
• How does a reverse mortgage work?
• What kind of reverse mortgage products are available to me?

Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation and have all of your California reverse mortgage questions answered today!

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