Pacific Home Loans is currently revising our Condotel Lending Guidelines. We expect to offer Condotel financing again in March 2021.

California Condo Loan Programs

Pacific Home Loans specializes in helping our clients get affordable condo loans anywhere in Orange County. We can also work with you on properties anywhere in the State of California.

hawaii condo loan programs

New! Lower rates available on vacation rental condos. Scroll down for more information.

Veterans – Zero down programs available!
USDA loans with nothing down!
3% and 3.5% down payment programs available!
First time buyers!
Investor programs available!
Jumbo loans – up to $20 million for qualified borrowers!
Reverse Mortgages

There are a number of issues specific to condo mortgages that you should be aware of. Our Orange County condo mortgage experts can help you navigate the process. We will help you understand your options and match you with the right mortgage for your individual, specific situation.

“What a great experience it was working with Steven and his team of professionals…We knew from the beginning that our loan would be challenging, but his entire office stayed on top of it and were able to get us approved! From the beginning our Loan Officer Steven, was professional and attentive. He was available to answer all of our questions and kept us informed through every step of the home buying process. In the end he and his staff pulled off an early closing for us!! We are truly grateful they made the dream of home ownership come true for our family! Thank you, Pacific Home Loans!”

– Cindy and Joe, Bakersfield, CA

There are many programs available for Orange County condo buyers, and lots of options.

While no Web page is a substitute for a detailed application and interview with one of our Orange County mortgage experts, here’s a guide to help you quickly grasp the basics, along with what down payment requirement you can expect with each program.

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The following guide will help you to determine the minimum down and the corresponding loan programs available for your condo loan scenario.

Orange County, California Condominium loan programs – Non-vacation rental

Minimum Down Maximum Loan Loan Program Occupancy
0% up to $822,375* VA loan Primary Residence
Loan Amounts** up to $1,000,000 VA loan Primary Residence
0% up to $822,375* USDA loan Primary Residence
3% up to $822,375* Home Possible® Primary Residence
3% up to $822,375* HomeReady Primary Residence
3.50% up to $822,375*** FHA loan Primary Residence
5% up to $822,375* Conventional Primary Residence
5% up to $2,500,000 Portfolio No MI Primary Residence
20% up to $2,000,000 Portfolio Jumbo Primary Residence
25% up to $2,500,000 Portfolio Jumbo Primary Residence
30% up to $3,000,000 Portfolio Jumbo Primary Residence
40% up to $4,000,000 Portfolio Jumbo Primary Residence
20% up to $1,000,000 Portfolio Jumbo Second Home
25% up to $1,500,000 Portfolio Jumbo Second Home
30% up to $2,000,000 Portfolio Jumbo Second Home
40% up to $4,000,000 Portfolio Jumbo Second Home
20% up to $822,375* Conventional Investor
25% up to $1,000,000 Portfolio Jumbo Investor
30% up to $1,500,000 Portfolio Jumbo Investor
35% up to $2,000,000 Portfolio Jumbo Investor

Loan amounts up to $20,000,000 are available on a case-by-case basis.

*The maximum conforming loan amount for the State of California varies by County and ranges from $548,250 to $822,375. See the complete list of maximum conforming loan limits by county.

**VA Jumbo – The minimum down for a VA Jumbo is 25% of any amount over $822,375*.

***$822,375 is the max loan amount for FHA loans in Orange County, CA.

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Orange County Portfolio Condotel Loan Programs
For condominiums that have a registration desk and/or other features of a hotel, call Pacific Home Loans for the best Portfolio Loan Program to fit the project you have identified.

NEW! Vacation Rental Condos – Lower Down Payments Available
Vacation rental condos that do not have a registration desk may be eligible for as little as 5% down.

Condo Registration Desk Minimum Down
Vacation rental condos No 5% primary residence
Vacation rental condos No 10% second home
Vacation rental condos No 20% investment property
Condotels Yes 30% down

Loan Programs Available

Pacific Home Loans is your Orange County home loan specialist. Contact us today to inquire about or apply for any of these affordable home loan programs:

Portfolio Jumbo Loans
$822,375* and up

Agency Loans
Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac
FHA mortgages
VA home loans
USDA home loans

Government Loans
FHA home loans
VA mortgages
USDA mortgages

Portfolio Loans
Non-agency and non-government

Loan Terms Available

Government Loan Terms
• VA/FHA Loans

30-year fixed
15-year fixed
5/1 ARM

•USDA Loans

30-year fixed

Conventional Mortgage Loan Terms

•30-year fixed
•15-year fixed
•10-year ARM
•7-year ARM
•5-year ARM
•3-year ARM

Portfolio Loan Terms

• 30-year fixed
• 15-year fixed
• 10-year ARM
• 7-year ARM
• 5-year ARM
• 3-year ARM
• 1-year ARM

California Leasehold Properties:
In order to determine the maximum loan term for a leasehold property: Subtract 5 from the number of years remaining on the lease.

For example:
35 years remaining on lease
35 – 5 = 30
The maximum term for this scenario is 30 years.

25 years remaining on lease
25 – 5 = 25
The maximum term for this scenario is 20 years.

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