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Home Buyer Counseling

Whether you’re buying a home or condo for the first time or getting back into the ever-changing market, it is a big deal. Feeling informed and confident can help you navigate all of the steps of the loan process. Pacific Home Loans has partnered with Framework and MGIC, leading providers of online home buyer education, to assist you!

All you need to know
Pacific Home Loans recommends the Framework home buyer course for Fannie Mae and HomeReady loans, and the MGIC course for Freddie Mac and Home Possible loans. These online courses are designed to help you understand the home buying and home loan process whether you are purchasing a home or condo – an in any part of California.

Confidence is power
Understanding the loan process will empower you as a consumer, and you’ll possess the power to protect yourself, do what’s best for yourself, and make your dream of home ownership a reality.

It works on your phone or tablet
The platform works on your smartphone or tablet. The allows you the flexibility to fit the course in even when you’re on the go… anytime, anywhere.

Efficient for your busy life
The course breaks home buying down into easy-to-understand topics that most people are able to finish in a single sitting.

Certificate of completion
After passing the course, you will receive the certificate needed to qualify for some special loan programs, such as HomeReady or Home Possible.

HomeReady by Fannie Mae
Home Possible by Freddie Mac

NOTE: Completion of an online course does not, by itself, qualify a home buyer for a HomeReady or Home Possible mortgage. Additional eligibility terms and conditions apply.